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90s Trends Making a Comeback

By Savannah Stanworth90s Trends Making a Comeback


Scrunchies, mom jeans, chokers, overalls, denim jackets. Are you seeing a pattern here? All of these 90s trends are coming back. Just looking around our campus here at Diegueno, clearly this trend has made it to our school. After interviewing a few students, we saw which of the trends were their favorite, and how often they wore them. An 8th grader, Savanna Saintil, has made a comment. “Personally I like them. My favorites are probably the denim jackets, scrunchies, and mom jeans.” Many other students agree with her. Two other 8th graders, Addy Blackburn and Avery Harris say, ¨Theyŕe hot.¨

Although these popular trends mostly interest the girls here at our school, there are still a few trends making a comeback for the boys. Okay, so maybe the boys here at DNO don’t actually wear all of these, but definitely the men fashion icons are. Bomber jackets, floral, v-neck sweater, brown leather jackets, and “parachute pants” are just a few of these fashion trends.

Though these trends are really popular in the teenage world, even the adults will admit they are loving this throwback. After interviewing a couple adults, I found that most of them actually love that their kids are wearing what they used to wear. They find it amusing that the things they thought were cool back in the 90s are coming back and hitting it hard. We are loving these trends and are maybe even wearing it better.


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90s Trends Making a Comeback