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Can You Read This? Because I Bet You Can’t

“Can You Raed Tihs?”

At Cmadgirbe Uinseritvy tehy fnoud taht you can raed wrods taht are mssilleepd.  All you hvae to do is keep the frist and lsat ltteer the same.  Tehn you can jmblue the rset.  You jsut hvae to be good at raeding and you hvae to hvae a srtnog mnid.Hree is an atrilce in mssipelled ltteenirg.
We olny hvae a few mroe wkees utnil smmuer beark hree at Dguenieo and evryenoe is gtteing pmuepd for it.  Tihs yaer wnet by cazry fsat and we need to say bye to the 8th gardres and say hlleo to the new 7th gardres.  You porbbaly wnat to hvae fun wtih yuor firends and jsut rlaex a lttlile.  We olny hvae 2 mnohts of smmeur so we need to mkae it a good one not a bmmuer.  Hey, at laest you hvae smoe tmie to usntress yuor brian a bit and go hvae smoe fun.  Too bad Smmuer dosent lsat froeever:(   So hvae fun and see you nxet yaer!

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Can You Read This? Because I Bet You Can’t