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Dress Code Targets: Girls

Isla Callender, staff

October 14

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  Dress codes tend to be biased against girls. In fact, in certain regions, they are downright sexist! For this reason girls have been protesting unjust dress codes. Here are five of the biggest dress code scandals. ...

Self-Driving Cars: Are they safe?

Annie Willett, Staff

October 14

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Self-Driving Cars: Are they safe? Its 2035, the street is quiet, traffic free, and filled with cars. In all that the eye can see there are no humans; not in a car anyway. Welcome to the soon to be future of autonomous cars. These cars called autonomous cars, also known as a self driving ...


May 27

iPhone 5 Overages

November 8

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            A rumor has been going around that the iPhone 5 has a flaw. “…It was revealed that a bug in the iPhone 5 was resulting in the device using cellular data even when connected to Wi-Fi…” writes Karl B...