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Closing Curtains on Public Arts Funding?

Lola Taylor

May 10

Filed under Opinion

Costumes, set design, the smell of velvet seats, the spotlight focuses on the stage, and the play begins….Many great things come out of plays, music programs, art showcases, but these programs and more are being threatened a...

Trump taking Transgender Rights

Gracie McKenzie, Staff

March 22

Filed under Opinion

Obama’s done lots of great things, like oh, how about giving transgender teens the right to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. Trump’s administration reversed this new law. Instead of a transboy, for example, using the boy’s bathroom, he would...

What do people think of the rain?

Summer Snow, Staff

March 22

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We all know that we have received A LOT of rain this past month. If the rain had been snow we would most likely would have had a snow day. Everyone can’t get enough of it! The top half of California is out of the drought, but wher...