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March 22, 2017

Recycling at Diegueno, RAD, is a recycling company founded right here at Diegueno. Last year, Mrs. Andrew’s class took on the job of collecting the the disposed recycling out of the blue bins located across campus, while also spreading awareness about the importance of recycling at school. RAD began last year with the help of a company that assists schools in starting their own recycling companies. Mrs. Andrew’s 3rd period class of last year helped the program take off, and helped it improve immensely. This year, the company continues to flourish with the help of a new generation of 7th graders from Mrs. Andrew’s 1st period class.


Diegueno students hear a few things about RAD every morning on the announcements, but the organization does so much more than many would expect. Every Tuesday, RAD students venture out into the campus and clean out the blue recycling bins located around the school. The class is split into 4 groups, and each group is assigned 5-6 recycling bins. Each group takes out the recycling in each bin and takes it to the dumpster in the back of the school. Occasionally, Bill Dean, a worker at the company who helped establish RAD, comes to school and gives the students advice and information about recycling. The class also collects data regarding how much students recycle. Their goal is to get to 85% more recycling

Mrs. Andrews

at Diegueno Middle School.


RAD member Sam Warner enjoys being apart of RAD because they get sometime out of class and are able to help out the environment while doing some fun recycling. He says, “We have four different groups that are assigned to different parts of campus and we empty out recycling bins in that area and record the amount of trash and recycling in the bins.” He states that he loves hanging out with his friends while recycling. “We get to help school get better and improve the school’s environment,” exclaims Ava Mazilli, also a member of RAD. “ I like that we can spread the word about good recycling.” she says.


When asked about how RAD is helping Diegueno, Mrs. Andrews stated, “There are real things being measured. We are saving money in our trash bill. They charge us more to collect trash, so recycling helps the school save money. Through RAD, we have decreased the amount of trash collection at Diegueno and increased the amount of recycling collection.” In the future, Mrs. Andrews wants to do special lunch time activities to increase participation and awareness of recycling. Also, Mrs. Andrews hopes to create an “Earth Week” at Diegueno during the years to come.


Mrs. Andrews says RAD will continue to flourish through future generations of Diegueno 7th graders, which is great, because this extraordinary organization has certainly made our school a little more beautiful everyday, “Our goal is simply to spread student awareness, and hopefully make people think about how this issue is affecting them and the environment. Through RAD, I believe we are able to do that everyday.”

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