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Seeing True Color

Colorblind Curing Glasses

Annie Willett, Staff

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     Seeing in color is something that 95% of the world can experience. About 6% of men worldwide don’t see color as it should be and about ½% of women don’t fully see color. There are 3 main types of color vision deficiency: red-green, blue-yellow and the rarest one, absence of color. Those who have colored blindness who can only see 10,000 to 100,000 types of colors. The average human can see 1 million colors. According to popsci.com, there’s a women, Antico Concetta who can see 100x as many colors. She sees many colors that she can not describe to an average person. This is caused from her unique tetra chromatic genes and an added fourth cone that expands colors in the red-yellow-orangish colors. Tetra chromatic fills one percent of the world.

     Most people who get color blindness are those who inherit it. Many people who have color vision deficiency see no major problems with it and if anything they could have minor problems reading pie charts, art classes and worst of all, color coordinating outfits! It has been found that solving or having a solution to colorblindness can reduce academic challenges, improves skill of sports and can bring more enjoyment to environments, arts and media.

    What’s the point telling you this you may ask? There has been a recent solution that can help those with color blindness. Enchroma stylish color blindness-curing glasses that can help some with one’s color deficiency.

      Enchroma’s color-corrective glasses can cost up to a lofty 200 to 400 dollars. Enchroma’s glasses work by “…reestablish the correct balance between signals from the three photopigments in the eye of the color deficient.” states Andrew Schmeder of Enchroma. Some people who have used them according to the color blind writer, Oliver Morrison, of The Atlantic,  describes putting on the glasses. He didn’t see that much of a change although, his friend tried it and saw many colors vividly. These glasses seem to have different effects on different people. Many people see a major difference and some more emotional than others. Everyone reacts differently.

    I asked a color blind eighth grader what he thought about the glasses and if he was interested in trying them, “I have never thought about it. I don’t think it would make a difference. It would to my grandfather who is color blindness was black white and grey. I have seen the glasses before but I’m not interested to try them.” Most people who do not see the colors fully feel the same way, however, seeing true color can open many eyes to what they have been missing. Many videos on YouTube show their reaction to the wide variety of colors. 
    This costly and uniquely working solution can be life changing to many that would try it but most don’t see a problem or even a difference in mixing up greens and reds or other colors. Technology expands so much and discovers many solutions for problems that these glasses would most likely improve in the following years.

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Seeing True Color