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La Costa Canyon High School — In Depth Look

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It’s that time of the year again. Our classes start to slow down and we start crossing off more and more days leading up to the last day of school. At Diegueno, the 8th graders are looking forward to promotion and going to the high school of their choice. One of the choices in our district, La Costa Canyon, located in southern Carlsbad, is a great choice for many people.

The schedule at LCC has students take a maximum of 7 classes per year, or you can take a minimum of 5 classes if you have enough credits to graduate. They have a block-period classes, like the middle schools in the district. About 75% of students plan to attend a four-year college after they graduate, and 72% of students meet the University of California/ CSU requirements for college. For many students, sports is a major focal point in their life. La Costa Canyon helps these students preform better as athletes and help them become more competitive.

As well as having a beautiful campus, students enjoy the school life at LCC. Many students feel at home when they attend this high school. But of course, this school might not have all of the requirements for students who will be enrolling. Whatever choice the student makes to go to the high school they’ve been wanting too, the district will make sure they have a good experience.

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La Costa Canyon High School — In Depth Look