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sPADe Club

Emily Beacham, Staff

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Some of you may know what the sPADe club at Diegueno is. If not, it’s basically a gardening club where members grow plants to make our school a better, more eco-friendly place. Many of you who walk to school may see the newly mulched patches and long plants growing out of the ground. I’ve interviewed a few members from the club as well as a teacher that appreciates the club’s hard work.

Erin Morrison(7): “We help boost people planting native plants and don’t have to change the landscape.” She advises that you don’t spray pesticides on flowers, or when growing your own food.

Charlotte Morris (7): “We’re planting plants that will stay there for a very long time.” She said we can,“save resources and don’t overwater,” when asked what people could do to help the environment.

Mrs. Collins: “Even though you didn’t have to, you make the campus beautiful and you care about the environment.” Mrs. Collins suggests recycling, not littering, and starting more environmental clubs to make a change in our world.

If you love gardening, planting, or making the world a better place, this is the club for you! (We meet in F4 every Friday during lunch if you are interested!)

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sPADe Club