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State Testing, a Student’s Perspective

Ariavash Sefidvash, Staff

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It’s May, the month many students are dreading. The three weeks of standardized testing for 8th graders and one less week for 7th graders. Testing started on the week of May 1st and officially ends on May 19. Students are tested on English, Mathematics, and for 8th graders, Science. The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, better known as the CAASPP. While many articles go into detail on how good testing is for students, others believe that it doesn’t benefit students in anyway.

In America, the first standardized tests were taken around 1930, and many people accused that they would force students to memorize and guess the answers, while others believed that they were helpful, because they reflect how much teachers teach the students. These tests have changed drastically since then, and students seem to think different of them.

I asked 8th grader Ria Chockalingam how she feels about testing, and she told me it’s worthless because, “not everyone works well under pressure.” She also told me that testing helps in some ways, since “it counts in high school.” Finally, she thinks one good thing about testing is that it helps her “review material and helps remember things I learned earlier in the year” but “it doesn’t test everyone’s intelligence, because people have different strengths.”

To get another perspective on this, I also interviewed Diego Rodriguez. When asked about his opinion on state testing, he told me that “it could be made better because we don’t stop learning until June.”  He doesn’t think it helps students because, “they’re stressful, we don’t learn anything, and it doesn’t contribute to our grades.” Lastly, he said “I like testing because we have minimized homework, but I don’t like that we are testing on everything.”

Furthermore, many students have different opinions on these few weeks of the school year. What’s yours?

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State Testing, a Student’s Perspective