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Step It Up? Or Step It Down?

Kate Alberts

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       On Monday October 2nd, Diegueno Middle School was preached to about the Step It Up program. Kids were promised prizes in return for asking relatives and friends for donations. In order to win a prize, you needed to send ten emails at the very least. The more money you donate, the bigger prizes you are eligible to win. This assembly brought up a few questions though. Where are the donations going to? Is all of our money going to the school? A Diegueno middle schooler who would prefer to remain anonymous has said “I think it is really cheesy and they are taking our money for their profit. I don’t like Step It Up.” An ASB student, who would like to be referred to as “Fletcher’s kazoo”, says “I think it’s a weird way for kids to earn money,” when asked what he thought of Step It Up. Students have varying opinions on the program, however, the large turnout of students who raised sixty dollars was a clear sign of popularity for Step It Up. The program is allowing for students who did not donate to attend only a certain event Step It Up is holding. This rule was put in place to encourage students to continue to raise money in order to win bigger prizes and earn higher privileges. However what if your family cannot afford to spare any money to the program? What are you expected to do? Students I have talked to agree that kids not able to afford donations should get to participate in the fun as well. What can Step It Up do to allow less fortunate kids to have these privileges as well? For starters, they could lower the amount of money that is necessary to attend certain festivities. The more affordable the minimum donation amount is, the more students would be able to afford it, and the more money Step It Up would raise. Sixty dollars is way out of price range for many families.

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Step It Up? Or Step It Down?