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The Rinsekit

Savannah Stanworth, staff

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The Rinse Kit


The Rinse Kit is “the only portable shower to have the pressure of a garden hose without pumping or batteries. With up to four minutes of spray time, Rinse kit’s two-gallon system can hold pressure for up to a month. This portable shower has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. It was originally only sold at small companies, but is now sold at huge stores like Costco. It is sold for an average of $80.00, and many reviewers say it’s worth it

         This product was created by Chris Crawford, who actually lives in San Diego. He created the first prototype in his garage for personal use. He got so many comments like, “Woah, that’s amazing” and “where did you get that?” so he decided to take his creation to the public. After emailing the company, I got a quote from an employee that gives us more information about Crawford. “The company was started by Chris Crawford, a surfer that felt there was a better way to clean up after surf sessions. He’s a classic American entrepreneur and is very involved in all aspects of the company.”

The rinse kit is a very easy-to-use tool. All you have to do is fill it with water from your hose or sink beforehand, and then when you want to hose yourself down after a day at the beach, or spray down your muddy dog. The rinse kit is an excellent tool to help you keep your car sand/dirt free. After interviewing a man, Marc Stanworth, who uses the rinse kit multiple times a week, he had some interesting things to say about the product, “I like to use the Rinse Kit when I’m going to the beach to hose off after. I bought the rinse kit when it first because popular, and got comments all the time about how cool and convenient it was.”

This product is so convenient and perfect for the people in our community.

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The Rinsekit