A 8th Grader, with a Amazing Story to Tell

Kate Lewis

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     Lauren Tabor is a 8th grader at Diegueno Middle School. She is 13 years old and has 3 Guinea pigs and a dog named Winslow. Her 3 Guinea pigs named Brimly, Shiloh, and Reese. Brimly is one year old, Shiloh is one month, and Reese is one month. Her dog is two years old and is a Labrador Retriever. She has a older brother named Jake, who is in high school.

     She went on a Mediterranean Cruise, which passed through Italy and Paris. She also went to San Francisco, California over the summer. Pretty cool, right? Lauren’s goal for the future is that she wants to go as many places out of the country as much she can. For college, Lauren wants to go to either University of Oregon or Stanford University. Lauren’s hobbies and talents are playing Softball and doing Horseback Riding.  Lauren favorite class at DNO is Multimedia because she likes doing the fun projects such as Genius Hour. Lauren’s least favorite class at DNO is Science because it is really boring and not as interactive as her other classes are.

     Lauren’s hidden talent is doing tricks on her trampoline such as frontflips and backflips. It was so incredible getting to know Lauren better and learning about her interesting life. Lauren Tabor is 8th grader at Diegueno Middle School with an amazing story to tell. What’s your story?

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