A Student with a Story to Tell

Katie Toomey, Staff

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Aurora Mentzer is an 8th grader at Diegueno Middle School. She is 13 years old and is part of a family of six. Aurora has 3 siblings, Austin, who is 21, Alicia, who is 10, and Catalina, who is also 10. She also has a total of 68 pets. 3 dogs, Pearl, George, and Rocky, 3 cats, Simba, Tigger, and Sugar, 15 chickens, a bunny, Kk, a fish, CJ, a hedgehog, Sebastian, 2 pigs, Calvin and Hobbes, and 27 horses.

Aurora currently attends Diegueno Middle School, but she will attend Calvin Christian High School in the near future. Soon after high school, Aurora might go to Palomar College. Her favorite class is history and her least favorite class is science. Before 8th grade came, Aurora traveled to Europe and visited, Ireland, France, and the United Kingdom. She had tons of fun, who wouldn’t. Her favorite place to visit was London, which is in England.

Aurora has many talents such as horseback riding. One of her goals is to jump 3 feet high. I am so glad I got the chance to get to know Aurora Mentzer better and learn more about her. Aurora Mentzer is an 8th grader at Diegueno Middle School with a great background and interesting tales to tell. What’s your story?

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