The Dress Code

Charlie Butler and Tatum Hartley

Dress code. According to the google dictionary, dress code is a set of rules, usually written and posted, specifying the required manner of dress at a school, office, club, restaurant, etc. Here at Diegueño our dress code is very long and semi strict. It states that “School clothing should be neat, clean and appropriate for school activities.” Many Students dislike the dress code, and think it is unfair, but they have also expressed that we need some guidelines.

From the data we collected, the girls at DNO  middle school dislike the dress code. Mylah Navales, a 7th grader at our school, states “I think the thing that is most strict is about shirts and like how even when you raise your hands it’s supposed to stay at your waistband.” Also, Kate Stanworth elaborates on the statement when we asked what she thought about the dress code, by saying, “I think it’s a little too strict.” These two girls express their opinions, both saying they dislike the dress code and think it’s unreasonable, but later in their interview both expressing the need for one. 

We also thought that it would be cool to have the point of view of someone who has been dress coded. Student Lily O’Connell says that she thinks it was unreasonable when she got dress  coded, saying “She said she barely saw my stomach… I was literally wearing a shirt that I always wore, and it was like right over my pants and she like dress coded me for it.” 

The boys at Diegueño don’t really give the dress code a second thought, and barely a first. Jackson Thomas states, “I think the dress code is useful,” and when we asked him about the girls dress code he responded with, “It’s too strict.” Student Brody Ozanne says “Yes,” when we asked him if the dress code was too strict.” Seventh grader Will Ross responds to our question about girls dress code by saying, “I’ve been to the beach before.” And this just goes to show how the boys at our school don’t have much to say about the dress code.

Teachers at our school have mixed emotions about the dress code. Some teachers think the dress code is too strict, but others have the opinion  that the dress code needs to be expressed and it needs to be stricter. Mrs. Coulter is a math teacher at our school and said, “Dress in something that you would wear to work.”  She was saying that you should wear something that you would wear to your job or to work. This goes to show that there are many opinions about the dress code and some are negative and some are positive, everyone has their own separate opinion.

The vice principal has many opinions about the dress code. She thinks that the dress code has a good reputation and it needs to be there. She said that, “Every student should come in an attire that is one comfortable and distracting.” This goes to show that the vice principal has a strong opinion that the dress code should be a thing.  Mrs. Tullgren said she was a teacher or principal at a high school where there was no dress code and it was very uncomfortable place to be. 

This shows that everyone has an opinion about the dress code. Some people have positive and some people have negative comments. Most students have a negative comment  that either the shirt dress code should be shorter or the shorts dress code is too long but the dress code originally come from a good and important cause. It is there for a reason!