DNO Clubs


Vivian Okamoto, staff

Diegueno Middle school has so many fun clubs to join. I love how Diegueno allows students to create their own clubs. We have some pretty amazing clubs this year that would be fun to join!I talked to 5 amazing clubs at the club fair to see what they do.


 One of these cool clubs is the Greece Clubs, run by seventh grader Kelbrie Petree.Their club is based off of the movie Greece. Their goal in this club is to ¨educate people on one of the older movies¨. In the Greece club, They eat popcorn as they watch movies and learn dances from Greece.


A few more clubs I interviewed was the writing club and the Gaming club. The writing club basically gets together and writes/encourages each other to write. There is even a Gaming club. The Gaming club is a group of kids that all meet together in the media center and basically game. The Gaming club says that their club is for all the gamers around the school to join together to game.


Another club I interviewed was the laughing club.The laughing club is a club that meets every Wednesday just to laugh together. This club does a lot of things to simply make someone laugh. The laughing club watches funny clips and even does some improv skits. This club is really unique and, as the president of the club says (Kayden Bagle), ¨ Laughing is the best medicine¨.


Last but definitely not least, the hope club. They meet every Monday and this club is truly inspiring  because they are trying to save the earth. This incredible club does all kinds of volunteering activities. Some things that they do are stuff like canned food drives, beach cleanups, etc. This amazing hope club is simply just ¨Trying to make a difference in the earth.¨


All of these clubs are such amazing clubs. They have already started having clubs meet up but you might be able to join. It’s so cool that we get to create our own clubs as middle schoolers. If you haven’t already I encourage you to look into joining a club.