AOC Plays Among Us!

Charlotte Jaffe, Editor

 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Plays Among Us with Popular Twitch Streamers

   Written By: Charlotte Jaffe


     Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, A.K.A., AOC played Among Us, with some of the most successful Twitch Streamers. Twitch is an online app, created to let people Livestream video games and other talents and people around the world have the opportunity to watch these craters play games, instruments, and other talents. AOC is an American politician who has been a part of the US representative for New York’s 14th congressional district since 2019. Alexandria took a break from her studies and work to enjoy one of the most popular games currently, Among Us. Already gathering 730k followers her first stream, and joining her, Pokimane, mxmtoom, HBomb, and another fellow representative for the U.S Ilhan Omar, along with other streamers. TikTok quickly picked up on this stream and started clipping funny moments, videos ranging from 10k-1M views a video. One of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s most famous lines from the 3 and half hour stream,” After everything we’ve been through.” After being killed by HBomb(Twitch Streamer) she continues to say her famous line. Not only is AOC a badass in Among Us, but in politics as well. One of her most famous speeches talking about a representative Yoho, who had cursed at Cortez for no apparent or logical reason. After presenting that speech, she reproved that she and among many other women of the world, shouldn’t be dehumanized and counted as less than, but be accepted. She is a strong ally to many helpful organizations and protests including, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQA+ rights movements, and supports our now elected president, Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris, a friend of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Not only can this woman be a human rights activist, but can also have fun and play some video games with friends and gain a large following in a matter of hours.