Halloween Costumes of 2020

Riley Goldman and Lily Larson


This Halloween was definitely different from the other one’s in the past. Most people were unfortunately unable to go trick or treating with their friends, or at least not like they normally would. And some were also unable to get together with friends and family. But that didn’t stop anyone from dressing up and still having a great night. And some people were even able to go trick or treating as well! 

Many teens went out to their neighborhoods and dressed up with their friends. Some popular costumes for Diegueno students were, Among Us characters, cowgirls, and Cher and Dionne from the movie “Clueless”. Many others have dressed up as characters from other popular movies, Barbies, lifeguards, Bratz Dolls, and angels and devils. 

This year was a little difficult so costumes were quick and easy to put together. For instance, Among Us characters. This costume inspired by the popular video game is actually a really simple costume. The characters in the game are all one color with a fun accessory. Also the cowgirls were a very simple costume. The cowgirl and cowboy trend has been going on for a while so many kids just threw on a cowboy hat and a basic outfit to go out and about for Halloween.

 But in the end, most kids and teens were able to celebrate Halloween as wished for. They got to see their friends, and most important, receive and eat as much candy as they possibly could.