What Was Halloween 2020?



Halloween Parade

Campbell Fowler, Staff

What was Halloween 2020 like compared to 2019? Were there more or less trick-or-treaters? How were people handing out candy? Decorations? Well, let’s find out!

This year was a bit different from the last. Let’s start off with trick or treating. Were kids wearing masks and social distancing, or was everyone in big groups? Well it all depends on the city. In Sacramento, California (see photo), there are many people close together with only a few wearing masks. This could be a Halloween parade, but it’s still not smart. Especially if they are not wearing masks. 


But, in the next picture from the website Nashvilleparents.com, you can see there are three kids all wearing masks having a great time. Although these kids are wearing masks in the picture below, that doesn’t mean everyone is. In Ohio cases have been spiking around two weeks after October. Along with California!



Next up, candy. How are people passing out candy this year without having to touch other people?

This is a candy chute a dad made this year so that he and his daughter could pass out candy safely. Everyone loved it so much, it even made it on the news. This was such a creative idea that was fun and festive. Did you see these in your neighborhood? Did you make a candy chute like this? 



Finally, how did people decorate this year? Did they go out of their way to have more fun? Let’s check it out!

As you can see, these decorations are pretty cool. I heard that many neighborhoods were having decoration contests this year. Did you get to see any this year?


In conclusion, Halloween was very different this year. Less trick-or-treaters and more decorations. Maybe you didn’t get to go to any parties this year, but hopefully you still had some Halloween Spirit.