What Was The Trend On Halloween

This is a picture of one of my friends carved pumpkins.

This is a picture of one of my friends carved pumpkins.

Skylar Jones, Staff

As we all know, this year Halloween was very different than in previous years. I interviewed a bunch of people who go to DNO to ask them what they did on Halloween during this crazy pandemic. 


    Everybody did different things depending on their comfort level, so i thought it was cool to compare what everyone did. First off, what me and my friends did on Halloween. On Halloween me and friends did a group costume and then went trick-or-treating. Trick-or-treating was a little bit different this year and we had to wear masks and be sure to respect other people while getting candy. I know a lot of kids did similar things to me, on that night, but some people I interviewed did different things. When I asked my friend Caroline what she did on Halloween, she told me that her and her friend hung out, watched movies, and ate candy and raw cookie dough. Her night sounded so chill, and it was a very way of making up for no trick-or-treating. Next, I interviewed my peer Campbell. She said, “ For Halloween my neighbors had a small get together with tables of candy so me and my friend walked around to get candy from the tables.” What Campbell did sounded fun and also something similar to what I did. I talked to a bunch more people and they all said that they went trick-or-treating, but in a cautious way. They all said they took candy from tables, or the candy was already individually wrapped.


   After getting the insight on what students from DNO did for Halloween, i came to the conclusion that a lot of people did group costumes. I thought that I would interview more people on what group costumes they did. After i talked to more kids i came to the conclusion that the most popular group costumes this year were, Among Us characters, Space Cowgirls, frat boys, or any onesies.


Interviewing DNO students about what they did on Halloween, and about their group costume i can to conclusion that this Halloween was different, but kids still had a lot of fun!!