Welcome Back!

Elisa Schroeder, Staff

Welcome back to Diegueno to start a fabulous in-person school year! Diegueno Middle School on 2150 Village Park Way is finally open again, full time, with everything starting to go back to normal and its students are psyched! Particularly Alyssa Larner, an eighth grader who stated during an interview that “During online school it’s hard to kind of be in the moment…because you feel so distanced from everyone” and that she is glad to be back in school and looking forward to meeting new people. Although, she did admit she was surprised by how long the classes feel, and misses waking up just a couple minutes before class starts. Moreover, seventh grader Clarissa Macondray agrees that she will miss waking up just moments before class begins, (and grabbing snacks whenever she feels like it) but is still relieved to be at school because “online school was so boring and I’m terrible with tech.”

But what happens when you do feel sick? Don’t worry, for you can just resort to Independent Study! But what is that? Ms. Krammer, the school’s assistant principal explains Independent Study like so; “[there are] actually two types of independent study, one is long term and one is short term. So short term is if somebody were to get sick or had to quarantine because of close contact, then they would be put on short term independent study, and all that means is that they would go through, like, day to day on Google Classroom for each of their teachers, and we have somebody, actually a special teacher, that helps students stay on top of their work.” She additionally defines that long term Independent Study as “If a student is not able to be back full time–it’s a commitment–, they have to be out pretty much a full semester or even a year, and then they will be completing their studies through, it’s an online program called Ingenuity, and so, they’re fully online they’re not doing school work with our teachers, they do it through the program and are supervised by one of our teachers.” So just remember to keep your mask up indoors and wash or sanitize your hands regularly and we’ll have an awesome year together!