Phone Ban

Hailey Valdez and Matthew Rausche

No phones (Internet photo)

        I’m sure you’ve all heard about the phone ban that has recently happened. Most of you find this a huge disappointment. But here are the real reasons for the phone ban that might allow the decision to make more sense. We spoke with Mrs. Dolnick about the phone ban and this is what she had to say. “I honestly think phones are good. They are a good learning tool and it’s a great way to keep in contact with friends and family.” Mrs. Dolnick remembers when phones first came out. “It was this cool new thing where you could keep in contact with somebody, you could do your schoolwork.” Then she explains what happened when social media came out “At first nobody really had it. It was just a new thing that came out. But as of 2018, almost every kid had Snapchat, Twitter, Tik Tok, or some other forms of social media.” 

Power off phones during the day (Internet photo)

        Now for everyone wondering, Mrs. Dolnick didn’t want to do this but “it’s for the safety of our school.” Every principal wants one thing and that’s for a safe environment at school. I think we can speak for everyone. Devious actions, trends, and dares have gotten out of control. “School should be a safe environment. We want kids to feel safe when they walk on campus,” states Mrs. Dolnick. Over the past couple of weeks, she had noticed that the behaviors in our school are getting worse. “The fight was the last straw. We can’t have this type of behavior on campus.” Social media was also sparking a lot of bullying throughout the school’s students. The school could see that it was affecting the social and emotional health of kids. 

        Mrs. Dolnick, Mrs. Kramer, and the rest of the school staff really care about the safety of our students at Diegueno Middle School. They aren’t being “bad” people by doing this. They are showing how much they care about us. Plus, with the past phone meeting on Friday, October 22, we will continue to dive into the topic more to see if the school is going to tweak the rules. Look on the DNN for that upcoming information.