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Nepal Earthquake

On the terrible day of April 25, 2015, a horrible earthquake ripped through the streets of Nepal. The magnitude of the Earthquake was 7.8, the worst earthquake to hit Nepal in almost 80 years. It also triggered a devastating avalanche on mount Everest, which buried base camp, that was full of climbers ready for climbing season. So far, rescuers have found 18 bodies in the snow that plummeted down the mountain. Among the survivors that were at the base camp is Melissa Arnot, who hopes to be the first woman to climb mount Everest without air aid.


“My heart is broken for all the loss and all the impact on rescuers in the last few days,” Arnot said on Instagram. “We are trying to see now where our team can best be used and trying to adjust our reality to this new one.” Arnot had originally planned to climb the mountain in mid-may, but some say that the avalanche has ended climbing season. Arnot has not said whether or not she would cancel her attempt this year. She had tried in April of 2014, but a avalanche, again, had kept her from doing so and killed 16 people. It was the deadliest event on Everest until now.


The Earthquake that started the avalanche killed more than 7,300 people in Nepal, and was large enough that it reached other countries. The Earthquake killed 34 in northern India, 6 in Tibet, and 2 in bangladesh. Throughout the afternoon, after the avalanche, aftershocks rocked Nepal as rescuers search through the tons of rubble for survivors. Hospitals were packed with the wounded, and people feared going into the large city of Pokhara, which was 50 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake.


The earthquake destroyed Pokhara, and many other cities in the area. The city of Pokhara was reduced to piles of wood and stone, collapsed buildings, and cracked streets. The death toll steadily rose as rescuers discovered bodies in the rubble. Aid was sent by neighboring countries, but it was overwhelming for all the citizens of Nepal, despite efforts. It was, indeed, one of the worst earthquakes to ever shake Nepal. Pushpa Das, a laborer, describes his experience during the Earthquake:


“It was very scary. The Earth was moving…”

Nepal after the Earthquake picture taken by Charlie Campbell

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Nepal Earthquake