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99 Year Old Woman Arrested Because It Was On Her Bucket List.

Brooke Dunphy, staff

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A 99-year-old women in the Netherlands decided she didn’t want to die without going to jail. So, her niece got her arrested as a present. The woman, only identified as “Annie”, told her niece that getting jailed was something that she has always wanted to do, but hadn’t. So, her hesitant niece called up the police in Nijmegen-Zuid, a city near the border of Germany, and explained her aunt’s unusual request.

“We don’t usually do this but we made an exception for Annie, it was just a couple of minutes in the cell. It was all about the experience. We don’t know why it was on her bucket list.”

This was a very strange request and I interviewed Lena Jones who also had an interesting bucket list. “I’ve always wanted to be really sick or injured and go to the hospital so people care for me and take care of me more.” Lena says that the 99 year old woman’s arrest was kind of a stupid thing to want to do, also that her bucket list would never have anything like that on it. Well, comparing these two bucket lists was fun and I think we all hope that Annie does well for her last few years.

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99 Year Old Woman Arrested Because It Was On Her Bucket List.