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Absent at the Oscars

Lola Taylor, Staff

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Oscars time has passed, awards handed out, speeches given, and of course the expected absences from celebrities who have conflicts. But Asghar Farhadi’s absence was more than a cancelled flight, but because of President Trump’s refugee travel ban. Now Farhadi won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar for The Salesman but didn’t receive the award because his home country was affected by Trumps travel ban so he couldn’t get his award. This raised some controversy because someone who worked hard to make a great film that got the privilege to win an oscar can’t even pick up their award. What’s even worse is that the ban shouldn’t even apply to him because he’s not an immigrant and has a license to go to America. The only reason Farnadi couldn’t go is because his home country is on a ban list because of the refugees coming from there. Recently Trump’s ban was abolished, and claimed unconstitutional. Asghar Farhadi did eventually get his reward, but we shouldn’t let people’s origins affect our judgments.

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Absent at the Oscars