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Diegueno’s New Bell: Are We An Airport?

Zain Ashraf, Staff

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Recently, the bell at Diegueno Middle School has been changed. Students are exclaiming that it sounds like an airplane or a bell at an airport. Students have been saying as the bell rings, “everybody fasten your seatbelts.” Students are unsure about the bell, saying it is too quiet and no one can hear it. When asked about it, Kashif Ahmed said, “It sounds like when the pilot speaks on an airplane, and I don’t like it.” Lena Chen said, “I like it’s volume, but not the tune.” The new bell was chosen because the other bell was loud and wasn’t very nice. The PA system has been changed, too. It has the same loudness, but it is indeed new. The bell has changed many things at school. The students don’t hear the bell when waiting to dress out during P.E. Students don’t hear the bell at the end of lunch, and instead rely on other students leaving to go to class to get the cue. All in all, the school has a new bell. Some like it, some don’t. There are mixed feelings with the bell, but we will all get used to it sooner than later.  

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Diegueno’s New Bell: Are We An Airport?