The Brazilian Bandits

May 12, 2017

Early Monday morning on April 24, 2017, dozens of heavily armed assailants using military hardware broke into a cash storing facility near the border with Brazil, and Argentina in Paraguay.

The gang made off with an estimated $40 million, setting fire to numerous vehicles during the assault and blocking roads around the facility in Ciudad del Este. In the overnight raid,  thieves killed one police officer, injuring another and wounded three innocent civilians.

Paraguay’s interior ministry believe the robbery was carried out by a Brazilian criminal organization, a spokesman said. In reaction, Argentina has strengthened security at its border and has pledged to help trace the origin of the weapons used in the attack.

I didn’t know this kind of heist was possible. You often see these kind of things happen in movies, and on TV, but wow. This was one of the greatest heists in history, and also one of the best organized too.  Think about it, dozens of people armed to the teeth, appear in the night rob a government facility and make off with 40 million, then block their escape with destroyed vehicles. We still don’t have an I.D on one of them, or where they went. Comparing this to other great heists of the 21st century nothing really comes close considering the size and ambition of the operation.

These are bad people, but also props to them for smuggling thousands of pounds of military equipment over the border ahead of the operation, let alone plan this. I look forward to the developing facts of this case.

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