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Hurricane Hereos

Evan Goldman, Staff

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Southwest employees unloading pets that have been shipped from Houston.

In the past month and a half, Hurricanes have devastated the southeast and gulf coast leaving thousands of families homeless. This unfortunate event has caused pet shelters that were affected by the storm to ship their pets to places such as San Diego and put the up for adoption.

According to Fox5News.com, on September 5 a group from the Helen Woodward Animal held the second of many pet adoptions for animals orphaned because of Hurricane Harvey at their local animal shelter in Rancho Santa Fe. On August 31, the first groups of pet shelters traveled to Houston, Texas, in the midst of hurricane recovery, and took pets from local animal shelters back to San Diego so they can have a joyful new family while the city of Houston rebuilds.

Here in San Diego, families are excited to go adopt these dogs and cats, and to add a new member to their family. Several students from Diegueño Middle School in Encinitas gave their take on the adoptions and gave some advice to new dogs owners.

“New pet owners need to make sure that they give the new pets lots of love and attention because they have been through a lot”, says experienced dog owner, Griffin Wilson. Another dog owner Conner Bartnick said, “I think the adoption is really important for San Diegans as well as the families in Houston, because they know that their pet is going to a good home here in San Diego.”

According to Fox 5 news, the adoption on September 5, was the first of many local adoptions in southern California. The Helen Woodward Animal Rescue was made possible by Southwest employees donating their planes and employee time.

While the citizens of Houston rebuild, why don’t we do our part and help out these pets that need a home ad that need to be loved and cared for. Who wouldn’t want a little friend to sit with or to come home and see a pet that has been through so much hardship seem so happy.

“This is a great time to adopt a pet”, says middle schooler Sean Dunigan, who also mentioned that he might be one of the many adoption pets in the next several months. So if you are looking to adopt a pet, why not adopt or foster a pet that has been through this rough time in Houston.



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Hurricane Hereos