How Much Money Do Donation Companies Actually Donate?

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How Much Money Do Donation Companies Actually Donate?

Miles Ullrich, Staff

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Miles Ullrich
The American Red Cross takes 9 cents out of every dollar donated.

Donation Companies take in so much money but how much do they donate?

Donation centers may seem like they only do good, but have you ever considered how much of your money they donate and how much they keep for funding? The Red Cross donates 91% of every dollar you give to them. That might not seem like a lot, but that multiplies over time. In a million dollars, they would keep 90,000 dollars for funding, and this is one of the best charities! One of the worst companies though, Kids Wish Network, is almost completely a scam. It spends only 3 cents of every dollar they collect on kids. Also, their website and solicitations are designed to look and sound like Make a Wish (which has a good reputation as a charity). In fact, they count on the confusion to gather contributions.

In order to make sure your donations count, you should research the charity before you donate to it. Some charities increase the amount they donate to 100% in times of need. But when things are just normal, charity centers such as Salvation Army can drop there donation rates to 82% and sometimes even lower. Moreover, some charities are a complete scam and keep all of your money. Lots of those are obviously fake, like “Help Save The Endangered Northwest Tree Octopus From Extinction!”, but some fake charities seem like they are good but really aren’t like the, “International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO”. They may seem like a good operation, but this charity only donates about .50% of all profits. That’s only 5 cents out of 500 dollars that they directly donate to the people who actually need it! So, if you think you are doing a good deed by giving to a charity, you might want to check them out first cause your money might not actually be going to the people who need it. For all you know, the charity could be a set up by President Vladimir Putin, and all of the money goes toward funding him, and not towards whoever or whatever you thought it was. Finally, while it is wonderful that so many charities are looking to help people in need, you might want to make sure that the charity you are donating to really is a charity.


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