Modern Day Holocaust

Chloe Kinander, Editor

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Everybody is talking about the holocaust and how wrong of us it was to not help the Jews while they were being held in these camps, but little do we know that right now in Xinjiang, China there are over a million Muslims in detention camps. These Muslims are being forced to renounce religious piety and are put into to forced labor factories within these camps. Chinese officials, through the media, claim these workers are obtaining political salvation and earning good pay, but people are saying otherwise. On top of this, journalists have not been able to see these factories or interview the workers because these camps are heavily guarded by law enforcement.

Turkey has recently called on China to release the Uighur Muslims from all of these “concentration” camps. The Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy says “The re-emergence of concentration camps in the 21st century and China’s systematic assimilation policy toward Uighur Turks are [a] great embarrassment for humanity”.  To put it in simpler words; this is a massive violation of human rights and history is promptly repeating itself right now in China. While the Turkish work is positive, US lawmakers have informed us that Trump has taken no meaningful action over China’s treatment of Muslims.

Sadly not much is improving in these camps, relatives of people in the camps have no communication with their family and China is not willing to release any footage of the workers to provide the relatives with the comfort that their family is alive. Chinese officials are saying that these camps are just like boarding schools, but these poor condition, little to no pay factories don’t sound like anything you would find in a boarding school. Muslim countries are saying “What can we do, we owe China” when asked on how they feel about there people being segregated because of their religious beliefs for “re-education”. Ultimately, more people need to know about this before it gets even worse. This time we have an opportunity to act, as a nation, before more genocide is committed.

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