The return of TikTok

Josie Butte, Editor

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          Have you ever heard of an app called Musically? Now in 2019 it is called tik tok. This app is creating a platform for many Tik tokers to find their own fame. They have introduced a for you page (fyp) that shows the top tick tocks of the week. Many instagram influencer have found their face through tik toc. I interviewed Magnus Arthur who participates in tik tok, asking what it was really about.  He said that, “My favorite part of tick tok is all the good memes and funny songs . Tik tok is a lot goofier than musically and is more fun to do.” Magnus, like many people, likes tick tok more because it is a more fun and cooler approach to a content platform as opposed to instagram. Tik tok creates a more raw unfiltered platform for millions around the globe to enjoy. And connects millions around the world.


Here pictured is Danielle Cohn (13?) she has 12.1 million tik tok followers.

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