Creepy Clown Comeback


Makeup that some of these clowns wear.

Campbell Fowler, Staff

Do you remember back in 2016 when we had creepy clowns stalking homes and people near the forest or on dark roads.Well now 2020, and they’re back. There have been multiple sightings all over the United States this year, so let’s check them out.


As you can see there are only a few sightings in California, but there are lots of sightings in the southeast part of the United states. If you know anybody who lives in that area, tell them to stay safe. There’s viral videos all over Tik Tok and Twitter of these clowns chasing them or staring at them.So, make sure not to walk alone in the dark.


These clowns tend to wear bright colored clown costumes and scary masks or makeup such as these.

A mask that some of these might wear
Makeup that some of these clowns might wear


Creepy right? If you see one of these clowns try to call someone and find a safe place, and the most important tip is to make sure they don’t follow you!


Recently 2 teens, one by the name of Iliana Navarro were driving together at night. She explained that she lives in a small town with not much to do, so in her free time she likes to drive around and explore abandoned buildings. After a while, they ended up driving on an abandoned road with no street lights and nobody else driving on it. She saw a figure in the road and assumed it was a deer so she slowed down, but after turning her lights on she realized it wasn’t a deer at all. It was one of these clowns. It started walking up to her car so she backed up as fast as she could, but don’t worry. Her and her friend are safe. Hopefully this trend stops soon.


Here’s the video if you would like to watch it. The Tik Tok user is dillyilly


Creepy clown video filmed by Iliana


Stay safe everyone!




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