The Golden State Ablaze


Firefighter fighting California Creek fire in Madera County.

Charley Berry, Staff

Flames, ashes, and smoke, these monstrous fires, started in California, are burning through three states. California, Oregon, and Washington, smoke has even reached New York City. Some of these blazing flares are just a result of heat and dry weather, while others were caused by people simply making a bonfire or having a gender reveal. With 36 dead, thousands of people have evacuated their homes, and hundreds have been rescued from the scorching flames. 3.2 million acres have burnt, including 4,200 structures destroyed, and many homes lost during the process of trying to take them down. Officials say that these fires have burnt larger than the state of Connecticut.  The smoke has been so high that residents living in the red areas are not breathing it in, which is a very good thing. The winds aren’t helping either though, with them reaching 25 mph in different areas of California. These winds are weakening the state while also helping the fires multiply and become way larger.  The San Diego County Fire, the Valley Fire, has burnt 17,000 acres but has made great progress and is already 87% contained. According to Cal Fire they say that there are 25 major fires in the state of California as of September 15. These fires are no joke and are spreading at unimaginable speeds, burning more of California as of 2020 than ever before. They are causing the most losses due to wildfires in state history and evacuation orders are now happening quicker in different parts of the state. Flames, ashes, and smoke all around, some contained, while others, not so much.