Candy Wasn’t The Only Thing Given Out This Halloween

Charley Berry, Staff

Shakes, shivers, and frights, Halloween night was a scary night for some, and not just because of the holiday. Halloween 2020 was on Saturday this year, which meant even though there’s a pandemic outside, there were still some big parties going on. In Utah, college students decided to have a huge gathering that they would’ve gotten away with, if a woman didn’t hit her head after crowd surfing. After Halloween, Covid cases in Utah had increased 10% along with other states as well. In California, the week before Halloween, Corona-virus cases went up 19%. The state also was increasingly receiving positive test results. 22 other states had record high Covid cases the week before Halloween, and CDC advised everyone to stay home and to not go to any parties. Cases in October spread rapidly throughout the states and experts knew that there would be massive spikes after Halloween. This was a main reason why trick-or-treating was strongly discouraged. Shakes, shivers, and frights, Halloween was one spooky night.