Americas Game


Noah Friis, Staff

    With all the Covid happening around the world and many sports such as baseball and basketball seasons coming to a close one of the only sports left in their respective seasons is football. Football is widely known around the world and there are many different leagues for football, some people enjoy fantasy football, drafting a team and competing against other people in your league to try and win money and the championship, other types of football are alternatives leagues like the XFL but none have come to prevail and over pass the NFL. There are also leagues of footballs for all ages. College and high school football have become more popular over the years, and pop warner’s and flag football are usually played by younger children, so all people get a chance to play this fabulous sport. But since covid 19 has hit our country by surprise there are many precautions being taken some teams such as the Las Vegas Raiders, Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers are not letting their fans attend the games in the stands however teams like Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers allowing their fans to attend their games but at limited capacity and following Covid guidelines. How would this season turn out to be? 


The season started out but not in the usual way it would, no fans, however players had limited training camp and pre season workouts and would have to try and get ready for the season on short notice. Teams worried about if their teams would be physically and mentally ready for this season, given the fact that we just spent 6 months in our homes things did not look good for teams in the NFL. However the season would still continue and all the fans were excited for kickoff to start. Week One had begun and by the time of the last game, lots of coaches were getting fined for not properly wearing their mask, they would take it off and put it not protecting their face coaches John Gruden and Pete Carroll getting hit hard by the fines 25,000 dollars they were paying. But that did not stop the season teams played week by week and in week 4 a huge outbreak happened in the Tennessee Titans organization and it was the first game to be cancelled in the season and the Titans and the Steelers had their byes early so far, but nothing major like that. As the season went on and as people predicted more players got cold and a lot of rescheduling of games had happened but no cancellations, we had a Tuesday Night Game and some more games on Mondays but nothing had been cancelled. Contact tracing and other methods of contacting people with covid on each team is how the NFL dealt with these covid cases and it has worked pretty well. With these covid cases along side that, there have been many major injuries, hurting star players and now they are out for the seasons, most recognizable Giants RB Saquon Barkley and 49ers DE Nick Bosa, these injuries might have been caused by the ability not to train as much as they usually do in the offseason, and were not ready for contact causing these terrible injuries. 


Overall this season or this whole year has been full of the unexpected. 2020 will go down in the history books and this season will be somewhere in that history, many things have happened this season that have not