Quarantined, for the Holidays


Wallpaper Cave

A snowy morning in a beautiful winter season

Ava Auger, Staff

 Even though the holidays have changed, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any tradition you celebrate, doesn’t mean It’s over. Unfortunately, the rose parade has been officially canceled, as well as the winter Olympics. Although ice skating isn’t closed, It still may not be the safest option due to illnesses thriving in cold weather. Christmas shopping in a mask will probably be an annoying struggle, the malls this time of year are always crowded and overwhelming anyways. Del Mar Fairgrounds are trying to make the holidays fun by hosting The Best & Brightest Drive Thru Holiday Light Show starting December 5 – January 2. Calling the event, Holidays In Your Car. On rainy days you can always relax on the couch, watch Netflix, play your favorite video game (s), sport (s), or read a roller coaster of a book, and maybe skateboard in the rain. Don’t forget about the annual Turkey Trot, that will still be going on in the crazy 2020. On Thanksgiving day, there will always be the classic NFL game, Macy’s day parade and time to spend with family and friends. Although the Holidays may not be the same due to rules of quarantine, spending time with loved ones is what the holidays are all about. Stay happy, healthy, safe, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!