This Black Friday Just Got A Little Brighter


Penelope Rolley, Staff

Chaos! Mayhem! The middle aged moms and shoppers screaming at each other for the 75% off flat screen tv! This is and was how every Friday after Thanksgiving had been for many years. However, with the economic and new normal covid has produced, what will this year’s Black Friday look like? Will there still be chaos, or will people be calm and lined up? Most importantly though, will the sales still be there, or will they just skip it all together?

Many companies and stores are taking this Black Friday business differently. First of all, Black Friday is not cancelled. Then again, Black Friday seems to have changed throughout the last couple years from what it originally was. Nowadays, Black Friday is online, or maybe a few have some buy 2 get one free sales. It’s just not what it used to be. Therefore, covid may just be the thing to officially end the tradition. That does not mean there won’t be sales anymore, it just might all be online, especially with covid. 

To be fair though, not all companies and stores are moving all their black Friday savings onto screens. For instance, Walmart is making their black Friday sales 3 weeks long, so all their customers are not rushing into the store all at one time.

So is Black Friday cancelled? In some ways yes, but technically no. There will still be stores open with big sanitized open arms, but this holiday will probably be dead by 2021. It will also be carried out in a fairly organized manner. Just because Black Friday isn’t the same, does not mean things will not sell out like toilet paper at the beginning of quarantine.