The CA Purple Tier


Photo from LA times

Evie Harris ✰, Staff

What is going on with the purple tier?  In California, according to the LA times, there has been a major spike in covid cases, moving us into the fourth tier of the reopening roadmap–the purple tier. This means that the state of California will have to extremely limit or suspend indoor operations. One of the counties that has fallen into the purple tier is San Diego. Due to this change of roadmapping in CA, some schools’ plans have changed. As states, schools will still be able to be open, but staff will have to increase Covid testing, with the fact of educators being inside with students most of the day. While schools that were already open are able to stay that way, the purple tier has caused some districts to postpone school reopenings that haven’t taken place yet. Some schools may still be able to reopen, and as the site states that they will need to acquire waivers from the San Diego County Department of Health to reopen. During the period of being mapped into the purple tier, a few schools in Sacramento have already been reopened. Which gives us some predictions on whether some other schools will open. On an outlook debating if our school will go back, a paragraph states “The announcement Tuesday that San Diego County was once again in “purple” status affected only a few schools, as most school campuses had already reopened, at least for some students.”, from that statement it hopefully shows that our school still may keep plans steady and will not be majorly affected by being in the purple tier. To help keep more schools safe it also states that “The state recommends that all schools that are open for in-person instruction test staff once every two months, or 25% of staff every two weeks. A school in a county that moves back into the purple tier should exceed this.”. During research of CA being in the purple tier, I learned a lot about what it meant. Hopefully, due to the increase of covid cases in the San Diego county, the purple tier will not cause major changes in DNO’s school reopening plan.