DNO Clubs

Clubs are a classic part of American culture. There are reality TV shows, books, and more with the base of a club. There are 14 clubs in total at Diegueno, a variety including things from the Debate Club to the Soup Club.

Ireland, owner of the Marvel Universe Club, explains what motivated her to start a club; “I wanted to find other people who had the same interests and inspiration I found from the Marvel Universe.” Vice President Kentia Kripalani of Keeper of the Lost

 Cities states that “The main focus in the club is discuss the latest events in the book and debate what will happen next.”

A little known fact about the Soup Club, made by Lynn Salatka, is that the number of people who signed up is 52, which is estimated as the most people who have signed up for a club this year. The safe space club is a great club. You can join them every Wednesday at lunch outside of P5 to hang out and have an awesome time with your friends. 

Overall, all of the clubs at Diegueno are fun, interesting, and inclusive. We hope you find a club that suits your interests and that you found this article interesting.