Queen Elizabeth Life!

Queen Elizabeth ll


Queen Elizabeth ll

Madison Gurr and Emily Mclnally

Queen Elizabeth 2nd was born 21st of April in 1926 and died September 8th, 2022 at the Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Queen Elizabeth was England’s longest ruling monarch, having recently had her platinum jubilee. She raised over 2 billion dollars for charity and has visited over a hundred countries during her reign. She is best known for her longevity (long life). After her death had been announced crowds flocked to Windsor castle and Buckingham Palace to mourn her death. Over the days leading up to her funeral, minutes of silence have been held around the world.  On September 19th 2022, her funeral was held at Westminster Abbey before her body was lowered into the royal vault to be reunited with her late husband. 

Queen Elizabeth, former Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, unlikely heir to the throne is now recognized as one of the most prominent rulers Britain had ever known. Having started her reign at 27, it had not been thought that she would take the throne as it was her uncle, Edward VIII who ruled at the time of her birth. She was only 10 years old when her uncle abdicated the throne and a year later her father George VI was crowned and she was officially the heir to the throne of England. Her majesty was on a tour in Kenya when she learned about her father’s untimely death. She had known of her father’s declining health and knew that her time to rule was coming. Although her coronation didn’t take place until June 2nd 1953 she was asked to lead the moment her father passed. The Queen’s Coronation was a breakthrough for the history of broadcasting. It was the first service to be televised and for most people, it was the first time they had watched an event on television. It truly was a huge step in the development of broadcasting. 


Queen Elizabeth’s Coordination

Queen Elizabeth accomplished many great things during her reign. Her coronation was a huge breakthrough for the media being the first ever ceremonies to be broadcasted. She celebrated silver, gold, diamond and  platinum jubilees, or ceremonies to signify her 25, 50, 60 and 70 years on the throne.  Her majesty was the first British monarch to address congress on May 16th 1991. She supported racial justice in the commonwealth and supported fighters as an engineer in World War two. She also was the first woman to open more than one Olympic game.  In 1976, she opened the 1976 Montreal Games, and 36 years later she was on hand to officially open the 2012 London Olympics

The queen of England was respected around the world  for her modernizing of the British Monarchy.