The Fifth Wave- Review

March 22, 2017


4 out of 5 stars

As a sci-fi fan, The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey was a no brainer for me as it captured the spirit of resistance and touched on the very ideas that make us human. Although, unlike I predicted, it featured no broken humanity banding together to push back alien marauders. Instead it focused on one ordinary girl, Cassie Sullivan, after the initial strikes or (waves) of an alien invasion. What the author has done, it goes against every plot of every alien movie ever. This begs the question…Did the author actually succeed?

Well, the plot in itself is phenomenal. It simply is one of a kind, and incorporates the ideas of survival, mystery and the underlying question of “Who do you trust?”. For example on page 266 in the novel, Cassie spells out the overall rules of survival by thinking, “I can’t trust him. I have to trust him. I can’t stay with him. I can’t leave him behind. You can’t trust luck anymore. The Others (the aliens) have taught me that.”

As the plot develops it creates tension between Cassie and her mental self. Later in the story, Cassie switches priorities from her own well being to trying  to find her brother, the only surviving member of her family.

As the reader finds their way through this story, the story keeps switching points of view without warning that leaves the reader disoriented and confused as to where the author is going. Later in the novel, the plot gets thicker and more elaborate, stretching the genre of science fiction used in this novel to something more outlandish and in some respects, greater. This is where I find the flaws in this novel. The more elaborate the plot is the more holes I find in the plot. Such as the introduction of humans with aliens hardwired into them. Basically, before the invasions, the author is suggesting that aliens were planted on human babies to grow with them and then eventually take over their body….right.

In the end, this novel is a beautiful new twist on the classic alien invasion story which paints a grim picture of a dystopian future of earth. The author does a mind blowing job developing the main character Cassie, from a shy high school student to a strong young woman who uses her courage and the hope that she will be reunited with her brother Sammy, to stay sane in a grim and hostile environment. This book is the perfect match for a fan of the Hunger Games series and sci-fi lovers, as they will be wowed by the route taken by the author to describe a modern alien invasion. Moreover, The 5th Wave was a heart pounding, thrilling novel that had me hooked on the first page, and I hope later I will be able to read the sequel, The Infinite Sea, very soon!

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