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Trump taking Transgender Rights

Gracie McKenzie, Staff

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Bibi Koening

Brandon Feffer, 7th grader

Obama’s done lots of great things, like oh, how about giving transgender teens the right to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. Trump’s administration reversed this new law. Instead of a transboy, for example, using the boy’s bathroom, he would have to use the girl’s bathroom because that’s the gender on his birth certificate and vice versa for transgirls. This is uncomfortable for both parties, or girls who use the girl’s bathroom, having a boy in the girl’s bathroom is unnerving and having a girl in the boy’s bathroom is uncomfortable. “That’s just messed up. I do not approve.” Nicole Keffer says. Trans celebrities like Kaitlyn Jenner(formerly Bruce Jenner) are speaking out against this issue. Kaitlyn Jenner is a former Trump supporter but after Trump switched Trans bathroom rights, she says “This is a disaster.” “I think it’s stupid because you should have the freedom to do whatever. If you choose to change, you shouldn’t be discriminated, it’s how you are.” Kennedy Jackson is passionate about the subject.  On the other hand, Diego Rodriguez has mixed feelings. “ There’s some trans kids that look like their birthgender and that can make people feel uncomfortable, I understand that it can make some people uncomfortable but banning this whole right is not okay because people work to feel and look like their desired gender and that in uncomfortable for them.” In my opinion, Trump doesn’t look at the big picture; like global warming and health services, he only looks at small, unimportant things. He has no reason to steal rights from trans kids/teens/adults.

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Trump taking Transgender Rights