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What do people think of the rain?

Summer Snow, Staff

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We all know that we have received A LOT of rain this past month. If the rain had been snow we would most likely would have had a snow day. Everyone can’t get enough of it! The top half of California is out of the drought, but where Los Angeles is located starts where the drought is. On the website droughtmonitor they discovered that California has received enough rain to get us out of Extreme drought, to Moderate drought. We still need more water, but in San Diego, we have officially been declared dry, not in a drought.

I asked Emma Muzik, a 7th grader, what she thinks of of rain and she said that she doesn’t like rain, but likes it on the weekend when she can watch a movie. Emma also said that she doesn’t like it during school days because she doesn’t have any winter clothes. I also asked Alec Sun, an 8th grader, what he thought of the rain and he said, “ Rain is good, it helps the drought, but I am tired of it I want to go outside!” I also asked him what he would think if it rained next week and he said he would be sad because he couldn’t go outside.

A Lot of people like the rain, but some don’t. The rain is a wonderful thing in my opinion, it is getting us out of this terrible drought. Even though we are nearly out of the drought, we still need to save water. Who knows when another rain like that will happen.

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What do people think of the rain?