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Closing Curtains on Public Arts Funding?

Lola Taylor

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Costumes, set design, the smell of velvet seats, the spotlight focuses on the stage, and the play begins….Many great things come out of plays, music programs, art showcases, but these programs and more are being threatened as the government questions taking away the funding behind creative programs like these. Not only does the government funding cover musical productions\art exhibitions, it also covers school programs, such as art and music teachers as well as their supplies. Creative media funding take ups 2% of the federal budget, which isn’t very much, but the government feels that they can spend it on better things. In Encinitas, schools can barely scrape together enough money for arts programs with donations and federal funds together. Lin-Manuel Miranda, best known from his work on the hit play Hamilton is speaking out against the removal of funds, because his own play, that he wrote, was mostly federally funded. Do you think they should get rid of arts funding? Is it worth the 2%?

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Closing Curtains on Public Arts Funding?