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Whats up with fidget spinners?

Brooke Dunphy, staff

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Why are they so addicting?

Fidget Toys were originally meant for kids with ADHD, used to relieve stress. Now, they have become a big thing in and out of school! Here’s why. According to heart UK, ”Aside from being pure entertainment, fidget spinners can also help you kick to a bad habit like chewing your nails, as they provide a distraction. So, they have plenty going for them.”(http://www.heart.co.uk/what-are-fidget-spinners/ )


People’s opinion on fidget spinners, does it actually help them?

I interviewed two Diegueno students on their opinions .”It helps me stay focused, ” commented Karlie Patterson, in 7th grade. She claims that she gets stressed often and the spinner helps her relieve it.  Altumish, on the other hand, says that,”when class is boring, I just spin it.” So there is many different points of view. Karlie, uses it for it’s intended purpose, Altumish Ghaffor, another 7th grader, uses it as a way to mentally escape from class.


I also asked a few other 7th grade kids, they answered honestly and agreed with Altumish that they are a distraction. Fidget spinners can be used as a distraction for school or to break a habit. It all depends on what you do. How do you use your fidget spinner, as a distraction, or, to help distract you?

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Whats up with fidget spinners?