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Tablets or Textbooks

Gigi Lea, Staff

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Some people prefer learning from textbooks, and some people prefer to do their work on tablets. In my opinion I believe that using a textbook is much more useful because so much can go wrong with tablets, for example they can glitch and you could lose all your work and much more . There are upsides to using a textbook like, you can’t lose your page number, or the Wifi will go out and you lose everything. There are also upsides to using tablets like they can help you save time because if there is a word you don’t know you can look it up really fast. Unlike using a textbook you may have to take out a dictionary to look up the words definition. I have interviewed Grace Grudek and she has told me that using a textbook is much easier. To quote her she said “On tablets stuff can go wrong but on textbooks it’s all there”, I agree with her and I think that using a textbook would be easier. To conclude I think that using a textbook would be much easier that using a tablet, although there are some perks for using a tablet.

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Tablets or Textbooks