Old Music vs. New Music

Reese Silcox, Marina Nicolaidis, editor

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New Music or Old Music?

As music has developed through time, kids tend to lean towards the newer, more modern styles and bops. Even though the new music is widely loved and shared, our original, classic songs will never go out of style. Some of the amazing and beloved songs we still jam out to today include:

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
  2. Jessie’s Girl, by Rick Springfield
  3. I Want It That Way, by the Backstreet Boys
  4. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
  5. Purple Rain by Prince
  6. Thriller, by Michael Jackson
  7. Should I Stay or Should I Go, by the clash
  8. Hey Jude, by the Beatles
  9. Dancing Queen, by Abba
  10. Don’t stop Believing, by Journey
  11. Billie Jean, by Michael Jackson
  12. Take Me On, by A-ah
  13. I Want To Dance With Somebody, by Whitney Houston
  14. Livin’ On A Prayer, by Bon Jovi
  15. Should I Stay Or Should I Go,  by The Clash


     There is also a wide variety of people who care more for the new, updated songs of the century like thank u next by Ariana Grande, idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish, and Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes. Since everyone has different preferences on the type of music they enjoy listening to, we went around Diegueno and asked some students on their thoughts about the expanding, newer, and relevant music vs. old music that will forever leave an impact on our new generation. Gigi Lea, an 8th grader here at Diegueno, prefers older music such as rock because she thinks newer music all sounds the same. She says, “One of my favorite bands is definitely queen. They have really good songs and they are really easy to listen too.” She also said that “new music sounds more like club music and much more depressing.” Another 8th grader at Diegueno, Sienna Foo, says that she “would rather listen to bluesy music or r&b music (rhythm and blues) and that the songs have become trashier over time.” In fact 13 out of 18 students said they prefer older songs. These students explain their thoughts behind why they prefer old, well known songs over newer ones.

     On the other hand, 8th grader Rory Linkowski says she prefers the song Happy Birthday because everyone can sing along. She also states that she would rather listen to new music because it has “become more honest and old music is boring”. Many people share this opinion and have adjusted to the new style of music. They have come to appreciate the way it sounds and the way it is made. Another student at Diegueno, Katelyn Wade, claims, “It is more energetic and entertaining.” She also says, “I don’t like old music because I don’t know who any of the singers are.”

     In conclusion, there are various different opinions on different types of music, but all are much appreciated and have impacted our lives in one way or another.


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