Should Students Be Allowed To Eat During Class?

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Should Students Be Allowed To Eat During Class?

Amelia Patrick, Staff

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A hot topic at school right now, besides the use of cellphones, is whether or not students should be allowed to eat during class. I decided I would figure out the opinions of students and teachers, and even some parents that are a part of the Cougar Family. I was surprised to find out that all the teacher’s I interviewed said that they did not allow their students to eat in class. I suspected that most teachers would say no, but I did not expect all to deny students access to food during class.


I interviewed many teachers and all of them pretty much had the same reason for not allowing their students to eat in class, here are the words of 7th grade math teacher, Mrs.Lewis, “Because of the chromebooks. If the chromebooks weren’t in here, I would say yes. The problem is, a lot of times we get ants and stuff because kids spill and they don’t clean it up.” Mrs. Lewis pretty much gave us the issue point blank: kids are not responsible when it comes to cleaning up the classroom. When students are given the opportunity to eat in class they treat it like it’s their right, when they don’t realize it’s a privilege. Mrs. Lewis said that she would allow students to eat in her class if there was not technology, but she also included that students spill and don’t clean it up. Mrs. Oden, also a 7th grade math teacher, said almost the same thing as Mrs. Lewis. She described eating in class as an “ideal” thing, but that the few times she has allowed it she finds “that students don’t pi

ck up after themselves.” She also said that when students don’t clean up after themselves that “it attracts ants and then we have another problem in the classroom.” Mrs. Oden does allow water in her classroom, though.

Some teachers have zero tolerance for their students eating in class, but Mrs. Rushing, who has multiple English classes and is the teacher of ASB, says that sometimes there is an exception. “I typically don’t let students eat in class, but my ASB class is an exception because they work during lunch…” Excluding ASB, Mrs.Rushing had the same response as the other teachers, although she did bring up a very good point. “…the mice don’t care that it’s in the trash can…I’ve actually taught in classrooms where there’s actually mice in the classroom because people are throwing food away in the classroom.” Mrs.Rushing was basically saying that even if her students get their trash into the trash can, that the animals really don’t care. Another good point made by a 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. Karney, was the fact that some students inside of the classroom might have food allergies.


Students and Parents

Now, stepping aside from teachers, let’s talk about the students responses. As you might’ve guessed all students that were interviewed said yes to the question. Kate Beson, a 7th grader said, “I think students should be allowed to eat during class, because when students are hungry they should be able to eat. I do not believe it’s a distraction, all it does is better are focus on class activities.” Kate brought up something very important about this topic in her response. Although I did not hear this from any teacher’s, the parents I interviewed said that students would be distracted by the food inside of the classroom. Two other students were asked the same question and they both said yes, but when I asked one of them why, they couldn’t come up with a reason, although they did strongly believe students should not be denied the access to food while in class.

If students don’t have anything to back up their decisions, does that mean that the teacher’s are right, food shouldn’t be allowed in class? After reading lots of responses of people at your school, it’s your turn to make a decision. Do you think students should be allowed to eat during class?  

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