When Should Students Stop Trick-or-Treating?



Margot Silberman, Editor

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It’s that time of year again. When stores stock up on pumpkin flavored treats, spooky decorations start popping up on the streets, and millions of kids run around dressed up yelling, “TRICK-OR-TREAT” from house to house. It’s Halloween! Many people of different ages love this holiday, but when should they stop going from door to door asking for candy? I asked three students from Diegueno Middle School their opinion on the matter. “You should stop trick or treating between the ages of 15 and 17.” says Sage Ligotti. An eighth grader. Rosie Mcconnell agrees with her saying, “I would say 15-17, but it depends on your personal preference. I mean you do you.”However, Ginger Sage said that, “14 is pushing it a little bit, so once you graduate middle school you should stop.” In the end, it’s your choice when you trade in dressing up and collecting candy for a night in with friends watching Halloween movies.