NFL’s Fall of Fans

Alexandra Wong and Audrey Skerl

Most NFL teams are not allowing any fans in the stands. Some of these teams include the Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, and many other teams. However, a few teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and a few others are allowing people to go to games. The average amount of people they are letting in is about 16%.

“In my opinion, allowing people to watch the NFL games in person is a good idea however, they should make people sit six feet apart,” Alyssa Larner stated. Her judgment about all teams letting people watch is that all teams should allow fans into the stadium. She thinks it is a good idea because so many things are closed up so people have gotten extremely bored. Opening up games would give people some entertainment other than sitting at home. The seventh-grader explained, “Yes. I would go to watch a game because I like watching sports and it would be fun”. She thinks every team should allow a maximum of 50% of people inside to watch in person because there will be fewer people than usual. Another 7th grader at Diegueno middle school, Asha Semelsberger, was interviewed. Asha was asked about how she feels about fans attending games. “I don’t want people to go to games,” Asha responded,“ because fans could easily catch the virus.” Asha was asked if she would like to attend a football game. Asha stated, “No, I would not want to go to a game.” When I asked Asha about what percent of the capacity she would prefer the games to allow, she replied “10%”.

As you can see, some people would enjoy going to games while others would not. Our interviewees have opposite opinions and see the different perspectives of health and entertainment. A good amount of people would be ready to score tickets while the rest are watching the game safe at home. What are your thoughts on this debate? 

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