What Will Halloween Look Like With Covid?

Vivian Okamoto, Editor

With the coronavirus spreading around everyone is wondering what is being cancelled or not. So i asked some people what halloween is gonna be like this year and there were a lot of mixed answers. One of my friends, Reese Cornejo(8th), thinks that people are either gonna stay home and, or go trick or treating with a mask and safety precautions. Like Reese, Anneke Thrift thinks that people are gonna stay home but have maybe a little group over. There were a lot of different ways of telling how we think halloween gonna be but Sophia Astengo says “I think it is going to be a lot of people sitting in their homes with costumes on and eating candy and watching scary movies”. On the other hand Mrs. Masuda the history teacher thinks there will be no halloween at all.

While there was a lot of debate, the government states you should not go trick or treating. They say this as a recommendation after many complaints.

 For the people who want to go trick or treating, will people even be passing out candy? The real question is what are you gonna do this halloween? With all this mix up one thing is for sure, this halloween will be like no other.